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Demanding from ourselves, we also demand from our products - that is why we provide only stuff that gives you much more satisfaction from smoking than a traditional cigarette holder or paper from a kiosk around the corner. On our shelves you will find great treats that will wake up a little kid even in a big bull. It does not matter if you prefer a cigarette holder, vaporizer, bongo or tablet - if you smoke, we smoke with you. We focus primarily on transparency, good communication and coexistence with our clients. SmokeThese is supposed to be a community!

Why us?

Each of us is a sympathizer of hemp and herbs. Knowledge is the basis of this sympathy, but we also do it because we simply like it. SmokeThese is something more than a shop with bongs, pipes or rolling papers. Here you can feel the passion at the very entrance, a passion that smells like hemp. Our team focuses on credibility, honesty and quality, which is confirmed by the opinions of our clients who trusted us from the very beginning. We eat because we like it! Privately, each of us benefits from the goodness of hemp. In our assortment you will not find products whose quality and usability, we have any doubts. We like twisted bongs, (un) traditional pipes, original cards and unique gadgets. These are the products you will find in our assortment.

What distinguishes us from other companies?

First of all, we ourselves use the products we offer you! Therefore, we know your needs as well as the answers to the most common and difficult questions. We want to be authentically not only on paper. That is why in the videos we show directly how bong filtration works, how it is spinning from our sheets and what filters we use. We are honest with our partners. If one gadget is better than the other, you have it in a bag that we'll tell you about it and recommend what's best for you.

Our values are: speed, reliability, enthusiasm, ambition, commitment, empathy, honesty, uniqueness, professionalism.

You, it's us, we, it's you!

We treat the client as if we were ourselves. And this is very important in building relationships and trust. We co-create a community of (a) people with you. We involve every customer in the life and development of the store. We have repeatedly asked what we should introduce to our offer, to which areas of our activity we should pay more attention. We have always received a lot of feedback, for which we thank and we hope that we will be able to maintain a respectable contact with each client.😊

We focus on development because we know what is good.

We eat because we like. We also want them to know that we are doing this abroad, which is why we are expanding our horizons more and more, wanting to hit the foreign market. Each step is carefully analyzed, we are no longer chasing trends, we set trends on the Polish market and we want to set them also outside our country. We set ourselves new goals all the time, and each of them is meticulously implemented, even exceeding our expectations. One of our main goals is to provide as many and diverse smoking gadgets as possible for everyone. That is why our range is expanding at an express pace.

Professionalism is our middle name

Awareness. This is a very important quality if you really want to be honest and at peace with yourself. That is why we are available to everyone, without exception. We will answer all your questions and dispel any doubts. We started out too and we know how difficult it is to choose the right equipment. Therefore, after analyzing hundreds of thousands of customers and their needs, we are able to help everyone. We don't put the client aside. If the purchase was made in a distant time, we still remember about you. It doesn't matter if you came to us three years ago or a week ago.

Our activities are aimed not only at gaining awareness of new customers, but also at meeting the needs of people practicing our domain. We can safely say that we are a reliable source of information on the world of cannabis. Respect for all people and views is our motto.

The originality of the product

We focus on originality. With us, you do not have linden with the goods, all products in our store come only from proven suppliers and manufacturers. You are not buying a pig in a poke here. If you came to us, know that we know it and we can recognize what is original and what is not. We listen to our people, we know what they need, which is why it is so easy for everyone to find each other with us. We are the first company in Poland to import brands such as Chongz or Lion Rolling Circus, we checked them ourselves before introducing them to the offer and we will say one thing, it paid off! Our sense of smell is right, we know how good it is to smoke from a bong, but it is even better to smoke from a well-made bong with the best filtration. These are the products you will find in our assortment. Freshly baked bongs and tubes, hot lighters, aromatic tablets,

We are up to date!

JarajTo, it's not a business, it's our way of life. We are interested in it, we research and try to be wherever there is news in the world of smoking accessories. We go to fairs, participate in shows and test the latest products from the market. Thanks to this, we give the customer what we would use ourselves. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you, so you won't find so much fantastic and legitimate content anywhere.

The photo shows the owner and our Slovak brothers from the paper sheets :)


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